By understanding your business, your growth is limitless.

Let Liberty do the heavy lifting.

Generate reports in one click

Efficient. Saving you time everyday by automating processes.

Flexible. Easily change your report type and critical data shown.


The Liberty System lets you draft and negotiate contracts too

From generation to reporting, control the life-cycle of your contracts in one place.



Streamline contract generation by seamlessly uploading templates with embedded variables, enabling the creation of customised contracts from your ideal contract template


Effortlessly negotiate, sign off on terms related to your predefined variables, and seamlessly finalise contracts within our comprehensive system.

Extract and Report

Transform data into actionable insights by automatically extracting and generating reports on your desired datapoints from system-generated or newly uploaded contracts.


Customisable Dashboards
to brand your business.

Our customizable dashboards not only embody your brand identity, but also present your KPI information in a meaningful, useful and impactful manner, tailored to your specific needs.

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Premium Features

Liberty comes with all of the features you would expect and more

World Class OCR

Unlock the power of advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and effortlessly convert paper documents into powerful information.

Full Tech Support

From strategists, analysts, developers, and project managers to dedicated support personnel, our experienced team is committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Simple Document Generation

Our mission is to assist you in more than just storing and understanding your contractual data – we empower you to effortlessly generate new documents too.

Extensive Report Generation

The Liberty suite includes robust report-building filters as an inherent feature, and if further customisation is desired, we offer bespoke reports tailored precisely to your specifications.


We prioritize the utmost security of your contractual information, implementing industry best practices and providing sophisticated system access control to ensure your peace of mind

Easy Contract Comparison

How does a new contract stack up against the rest? Comparing contract terms is a few clicks of the mouse away, highlighting the differences between those key datapoints.

Managing your Contract lifecycle has never been easier.

Streamline your contract management process with our cutting-edge contract lifecycle software. From contract creation and negotiation to centralised storage and renewal reminders, our intuitive platform simplifies every stage of the contract lifecycle. Enjoy seamless collaboration with stakeholders, track key milestones, and allow out automated workflows to ensure efficient and error-free contract management. Gain valuable insights through advanced reporting and analytics, while maintaining the highest level of data security. Take control of your contracts and optimise your operations with our comprehensive contract lifecycle software solution.

A clear and user friendly

Managing everything from one place, simply and cleanly.

User-friendly interfaces with our intuitive and streamlined graphical user interface (GUI) means easy navigation.

Visually pleasing library layouts, clean design and clutter-free interface translates into an immersive experience


Individual libraries for each
contract type.

Easily access and organise contract types, within each contract type library you can view the progress of extraction and approval.

All types of contracts

From Sales; Employment; Lease or Rental; Service; Licensing; Construction Contracts etc. through to Financial Contracts such as ISDAs, CSAs, GMRAs etc.

Centralize all agreements & amendments with Liberty.


Unique rule-sets for accurate

We have built hundreds of thousands of rules and filters, all geared around extracting the correct data from your contracts.

Liberty is enhanced with every new Liberty customer and with every new contract type added.

Through our deep understanding of your needs, we leverage tailored data models and advanced filtering capabilities to effectively transform your data into actionable information.


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Extensive model library

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